The fruit is picked from the trees and delivered directly to the packhouse. The fruit is then washed and cooled to capture its freshness. It is then sorted and packed, using computerised grading machines. All along this process, quality inspection is taking place to reject inferior fruit. We have in place a Q.A. system of traceability to enable us to determine the origin of any fruit we process.

All this ensures that we market the best fruit to the consumer.

We have growers in the local area that regularly supplies us, supplementing our own production. Over time, we have helped with the development of the growers and their orchards. By giving advice on which varieties to plant and to replace, we can source superior lines of quality fruit. We inspect our growers orchards and help them in their crop management techniques such as spraying and thinning. We continue this inspection throughout the year to guarantee that our SQF2000 Level 3 guidelines are maintained.